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How to write an essay?

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An essay is a prosaic literary genre. Translated from French means “essay” or “sketch.” The essay reflects the author’s individual experiences, his view of a particular issue. It does not give an exhaustive answer to a specific question but reflects its own opinion or impression.
When writing an essay, the logic, the ability to argue your opinion, competently present information is well developed. The presentation style is more focused on conversational.
Characteristics of the essay
To write an essay correctly, you should take into account the specific features that distinguish it from other genres.
Key features of the essay:
Speaking style of writing. Complex formulations, too long sentences should be avoided. It is important to follow a casual style to establish contact with the reader. It is important not to overdo it, turning the essay into low-quality text, full of slang. The correct emotional color of the text will give short, simple and understandable sentences, the use of different intonation in the sentences.
Detailed problem analysis. Own point of view must be argued based on factual material.
The relative brevity of presentation. There are no restrictions on the number of pages, however, the essay is small.
Free construction. The essay is a presentation, which does not fit into any specific framework. The construction is subject to its own logic, which the author adheres to, seeking to consider the problem from different angles.
How to write an essay?
The correct writing of the essay is to understand the features of the genre. Compliance with the basic principles and recommendations for writing will create an interesting essay.
How to choose a theme?
If there is no list of topics among which you can choose one, and only a general direction is given, then you need to take into account which audience the essay is intended for. The options may be different: a teacher in the university, the commission, the literary community, the employer. If an essay is written for delivery to the teacher, then it is necessary to consider what qualities will be assessed. Proceeding from this, the topic should be chosen so that there is an opportunity to show those abilities that the examiner expects from the author: originality, ability to rationally build sentences, literacy, professional qualities, etc.
When choosing a topic for writing an essay from the list, you should choose the one in which there is certain knowledge or just a strong interest.